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Our Ultrasonography department is equipped with the SIEMENS ACUSONS 2000 Ultrasound System, offering a wide range of diagnostic tests.
  • ARFI based differentiation between Extra-Hepatic Portal Vein Obstruction (EHPVO) and cirrhosis
  • Assessment of HCV positive liver disease
  • Pre-Renal transplant Liver Evaluation in HCV Positive
  • Post lifestyle modification follow up of fatty liver disease
  • ARFI in Malignant Ascitis
  • CA Pancreas with Liver Secondaries with Cirrhosis
  • Carcinoma Head of Pancreas
  • Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis
  • Evaluataion for Liver Fibrosis
  • Small parts and superficial organs (eyes, thyroid, baby brain, breast, scrotum, hernia and any swelling)
  • Detailed Peripheral Vascular Studies (arteries and veins)
  • Muscular Skeletal Studies (muscle and joints)
  • Gynaecological Studies and Pregnancy Profile)
  • Elastograpy-Strain Analysis
  • Breast Elastrography
  • Adult and Paediatric Echo Doppler
  • Tissue Doppler Imaging
  • Infertility Profile
  • Paediatric Imaging
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